The Purpose and The Picture

The Purpose

That every person know Jesus intimately, being equipped for, and established in, the purpose for which God created them.

The Picture

IT IS THE VISION of reaching out to the needs of thousands of residents in Durham Region with the Good News of Christ’s love.

IT IS THE VISION of a place where people can encounter love, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, healing, guidance and restoration.

IT IS THE VISION of a fellowship of thousands of people committed to loving, helping, and celebrating the joy of Jesus with each other.

IT IS THE VISION of networking interdenominationally with area churches, as well as with other Christian ministries.

IT IS THE VISION of the church where evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophets, apostles work together to accomplish God’s purpose.

IT IS THE VISION of a church alive with signs and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit, pointing to God’s healing and miracle working power with testimonies and evidences displayed.

IT IS THE VISION of a place where people discover their unique talents and gifts through the realization of their identity in Christ.

IT IS THE VISION of a place for personal growth through mentoring, Bible Studies, ministry groups, conferences, a Bible training institute and specialized life skill training.

IT IS THE VISION of mobilizing missionaries and missionary teams for both short-term and career terms, as well as church planting in Canada and around the world.

IT IS THE VISION of an auditorium seating thousands surround by conference facilities, a youth centre, children’s ministries, healing house, prayer facility, business and employment network publishing house, recording and production studios, Bible training, retirement villa and guest accommodations, and more.